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How to Rock a Piñata

April 14, 2011

To celebrate my cousin’s 9th birthday, she’s having a Taylor Swift birthday party. Since no birthday party is complete without grade-schoolers beating something with a stick, I volunteered to make a guitar-shaped piñata.

The first thing I did was find an actual guitar to use as a template. Since I was short on time—and the few days I had were primarily rainy so I wasn’t sure the paper-mâché would dry in time—I opted to form the piñata out of cardboard. Not traditional, but according to some message boards and blogs that I looked at while preparing this project, some folks prefer a cardboard piñata to one made of paper-mâché.

I used the guitar as a pattern for the front and back of my piñata. I made sure to cut a hole out of the front (to later be covered with black paper) as a natural way to fill the piñata with candy. After I had the front and back pieces cut out, I cut cardboard to the width I needed for the sides. To make the curves of the guitar, I removed one layer of paper from these strips. This made the corrugated paper bend much easier. Then it was all a matter of using masking tape to secure the pieces together. I used the guitar as a template to form the handle. I taped it to the rest of the guitar with masking tape . Once it was all together, I added the ribbon guitar strap and glued crepe paper and tissue paper to the piñata.

For more on how to make a piñata, check out this article from How Stuff Works: How to Make Toys.

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