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Lil’ Zombie: Love Bites

February 9, 2015

My 12-year-old sister, Azileigh, and I have been watching a lot of The Addams Family recently. We joke about arranging rose stems and raising man-eating plants like Morticia or stretching ourselves on the rack like Uncle Fester. But our favorite character is Wednesday Friday Addams: that clever, yet practical, bundle of macabre. Since Valentine’s day is coming up, we started thinking about valentines that Wednesday Addams might send.

“Nice knife. Can I play autopsy with it?” -Wednesday Addams

They naturally morphed into zombie-themed greetings. (We’re still working on something about a kidney: “I’m not kidney you, urine great!” We’ll get there eventually…) Being the tech savvy genius that I am, I opened up Paint on my laptop and started creating the cutest (and most simple) zombies I could. So, to celebrate a day of eternal love, I present to you, our “Lil’ Zombie: Love Bites” Valentine Collection! (Click on the images below to see them full-sized.)








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